from anywhere in the world, creatively design work content yourself and achieve financial independence


Sound good? I thought so too. I was shown a way to achieve that. Working alongside a wonderful company,

with a strong team of heart people behind me, I've developed my own sustainable business.

I have built an international team and mentor my partners,

to help them achieve their dreams too.

This is what my working day looks like: Creativity in the home office, connecting with interesting people who have a similar vision, mentoring and inspiring workshops or a product presentation in a magical ambience with nice people.


Holistic well-being, natural beauty inside and out, in harmony with the own vibes, in freedom and with pleasure, are words that describe my work. Personality development and growing beyond myself are the reward for every challenge I take on.

Every task I face makes me and my business grow.  


When was the last time you outgrew yourself?

Hello, I am Laura

I am looking for people with nice energy and an awareness of the holistic, who are willing to leave their comfort zone and go beyond themselves to manifest their desires and dream a new life.


Does this apply to you? 


Then we may make a good match to achieve great things together.

Contact me for an interview and let's see if we are a good fit for a project together. 


Holidays & Events 

+34 629 463 750