working from anywhere in the world, creatively and with inspiring people to achieve financial independence


Sounds good? Of course! 


In times of restrictions and obligations 

nothing is more desired than freedom. 

To be free choosing where to work and with whom.

What to do and in what manner.

At what time and how many hours.


And in the end, to get paid for the results - not the hours you spent.

Hello, my name is Laura


I´m a bohemian spirit, holistic coach and business mentor.

 I live my life according to my own standards.


Awareness of the nature of things is very important to me.

I choose the people I surround myself carefully.

Warm-hearted people with an open mind and beautiful energy. 


I am part of a project that works ecologically, ethically and sustainably.

We form an international network for a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life.


I help people who are ready to leave their comfort zone and grow beyond themselves,

to manifest their desires and dream a new life.


Does this apply to you? 



Then make an appointment with me

and we will see if you fit into my team to achieve great things together.



a meeting to discover your potential

Who are you and what are your goals?

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Connecting with interesting people who have a similar vision.

Mentoring for personal growth.

Inspiring workshops.

Presentations with added value in a magical ambience with lovely people.


Holistic wellbeing,

natural beauty inside and out.

In harmony, freedom and with pleasure.


These are words that describe my work.


Personality development

and outgrowing myself

are the rewards for every challenge I take on.