A retreat means taking a distance from everyday life, a spiritual break in which we surrender to a new experience that triggers a change in our deeper being.


An impulse for a new way of living, a different way of thinking and feeling, how we relate to things and ourselves, what we want from life, etc.


A retreat vacation can inspire you and spark change in many ways. One thing is for sure, after a retreat with us you will look at life with different eyes.




 14.06.  -  17.06.2024

Magical Ibiza Retreat

3 unforgettable days on the magical island



Intuition Retreat

Our Program

Each soul sets its own life plan before incarnation, with the aim of experiencing and learning selected aspects of the soul. After birth, the memories of the plan recede and only through our intuition can we follow the intended plan to realise ourselves.


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Magical Ibiza Retreat

Our Program

Come to Ibiza for a long weekend and immerse yourself in another world. We will take you on an adventure, to wonderful places, with nice people, go on a hike, spend time at the beach, we do easy yoga and a meditate at the power place Es Vedrà. On top you will receive an Intuituive Reading & Energy Healing.


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Ibiza & Formentera Retreat

Our Program

This retreat is packed full of activities:


Yoga, hiking, excursions to amazing places, stand up paddle and a day trip to Formentera where we explore the island by bike.


At the end you will receive an energy healing.


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Sweat Lodge

The Temazcal Ceremony

The sweat lodge ceremony is an ancestral ritual of purification and healing. We connect with the spirits of the elements and go through a process of renewal to emerge as if reborn and in tune with the greater whole.   


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Natural Food

Private Chef & Catering

We know where to buy local fruits and vegetables, cheese, honey, almonds and everything else growing on Ibiza, to ensure a healthy and conscious diet during the retreats.


Our private chef prepares the dishes on site or they are delivered to the house as catering.


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