The Retreat season is from October to the end of April 

Ethno Ibiza Retreat offers food and lodging for tour groups who visit the island in the off-season and are looking for a break close to nature.

We also regularly conduct our own retreats, which focus on awareness, intuition and creativity.



Intuitive Spirit Retreat

Our own Program

We hold our own event several times a year. It is about energy work, intuition, knowledge and consciousness, also to have a good time, be creative, free and relaxed, but above all to experience something totally new.

Retreat House

The Ethno Villa

Our beloved Ethno Villa with yoga terrace and a temazcal in the retreat garden, is a place of energetic healing, with very pleasant energy, powerful and balancing.


The closeness to nature is wonderful for meditation, a walk through the adjacent forest and the fields provide more balance and harmony.


Meetings of holistic therapists take place here at the house, workshops are offered and courses are held. Ceremonies such as the Temazcal (sweat lodge) and other energy work find a protected space here. One or the other shaman was already a guest with us.


The participants are retreat guests and sometimes residents of Ibiza, a wonderful cultural get-together!

Natural Food

Private Chef & Catering

We know where to buy local fruits and vegetables, cheese, honey, almonds and everything else growing on Ibiza, to ensure a healthy and conscious diet during the retreats.


Our private chef prepares the dishes on site or they are delivered to the house as catering.


The Forest Villa

The Forest Villa, with 6 bedrooms and loft salong overlooking the pine forest, is where overnight guests from bigger retreat groups are accommodated. It's a stone's throw from the Ethno Villa.

An impressive house, large and quaint, located on a mountain slope and surrounded by pine forest with wild rosemary and thyme.

Up to 10 people can stay here.


Holidays & Events 

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