Our sweat lodge is a sacred temple, a sacred place built of wood from the forests of Ibiza, in a geometric shape crowned by an 8 - pointed star, the star of Venus. The ceremony is an ancient ritual of the Indians from North to South America, in which a sacred fire is lit to heat volcanic stones that are led into the belly of Mother Earth.


We sit in the dark of this earthly cave and greet the glowing red stones as our grandmothers who hold so much wisdom of changing times and share it with us if we ask and we open ourselves to them with humility.   


Symbolically, the Temazcal represents the womb of Mother Earth, where we are conceived by Father Sun, the Fire, and step out as if reborn. We purify and heal, leaving behind what we no longer need, like an old skin that we shed. We bring our intentions into harmony with our inner wisdom, for the higher good of all creatures.


The spiritual powers of the 5 elements are called and invited to show themselves to us, to reveal their powers and to support us energetically:


The elemental spirits of fire have the power of transformation, to them we can hand over what we want to change. It is the power that creates desires for which we burn, passion.


The spirits of water, the bath of feelings, the power of emotions, resolution, beauty and harmony.


The spirits of the earth are the powers of organization, order, prosperity and wealth, the material, solid, stability.


The spirits of the air represent communication, clairvoyance, inspiration, the breath of life, intuition, mental clarity.


The Ether is the Great Spirit, the center of the cosmos, the spiritual Universal Creative Force, God and Goddess.


They all support our process when we humbly ask for it. We sing and pray, we speak out what moves us in the innermost, because in the darkness, in the protection of the spiritual beings, the masks may fall and the heart may open. Consciousness expands as we transcend our own limitations.

The steam with essential oils of wild medicinal herbs, the drum, the chanting, the slowly rising heat, the cool earth beneath us, all this helps us to let go of mental energy and slip into a meditative state. We open ourselves to visions and are receptive to deep cosmic wisdoms of being. A boundary crossing experience from which the spirit emerges transformed and life reveals itself anew.